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SKU: M719S


  • 餐檯 M719  
    顏色: 胡桃木色
    尺寸: 100-130Wx80Dx76H (cm)
    120-150Wx80Dx76H (cm)
    130-160Wx80Dx76H (cm)
    餐椅 M066/M087  
    顏色: 胡桃木色

    M087:45Wx56Dx79H (cm)

    M066:45Wx50Dx76H (cm)

    長櫈 M022  
    顏色: 胡桃木色
    尺寸: 120Wx35Dx44H (cm)
HK$11,195.00 Regular Price
HK$5,299.00Sale Price


顏色: 胡桃木色
預計送達時效(工作天) :【7-14】**

*#尺寸會因人手量度有1-3cm誤差及顏色會因屏幕顯示效果有輕微色差,一切以實物為準。Please allow 1-3cm differs due to manual measurement. As different computers / mobile display colors differently, actual product may have some slight variation from the image shown.

#免費送貨/安裝適用於部分地區 Free delivery/assembly for Partial Districts ONLY.

*合併運送需於同一訂單同時購買其他免費送貨之貨品 Combine the delivery should have Free delivery product in same order.

**為確保貨品安全送達,到貨日會因應天氣或其他特別因素延長,敬請注意!Delivery service will be postponed when we consider it to be unsafe for delivery under certain weather conditions or other special reasons.

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